Actual Pinterest Successes!


You know all those listicles with hysterical Pinterest fails? Well you will see none of that here! This post is all about Pinterest SUCCESSES! My mom bought me some baking equipment for Christmas this past year, so I've been trying out some of those recipes that I've pinned over the years. Pinterest has a great new feature called "Tried It," where you can mark if you, duh, tried the recipe and leave some feedback. Here are some of the recipes I've tried and really liked!

Cornbread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Basil, and Cheese

This is what's in the photo above! 

Notes: Definitely needs more shredded cheese! I didn't include the tomatoes because I'm not a fan of sun-drieds. 

Paula Deen's Red Velvet Cupcakes

Notes: the batter needs more cocoa powder, but these were DELICIOUS. Obviously they had to be...it's a Paula Deen recipe. I had made these for the Super Bowl party we threw at our apartment.

Simple and Easy Hummus without Tahini 

I'm not nuts about the tahini flavor, so I was looking for a recipe that would be best without it. This hummus is VERY GOOD. 

Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Muffins 

Loved these. I need to make them again!

Homemade Basil Pesto

The heading on the pin says it takes 5 minutes to make and they really aren't kidding. This was insanely easy to make, and crazy delicious.

Listening Lately: Sylvan Esso


I first found Sylvan Esso on one of those Spotify genre playlists. I had really gotten into the Evening Chill and Lush + Atmospheric playlists when I first moved into my apartment in Manhattan back in October 2014. Their single "Coffee" was on one of those playlists (although now I can't seem to find it). Maybe it was on my Discover Weekly? Regardless...nobody puts me in a great mood like Sylvan Esso does. 

They played The Meadows Music and Arts Festival at Citi Field this past October. They were my first set at the festival and definitely one of the best I saw that weekend. I'm writing about them because I have tickets to see them in May at Brooklyn Steel and I'm so excited to see them headline their own show, especially because their new album will be out by then. 

Can't wait for them to melt my face off!

My Favorite Youtubers!

BEAUTY, LIFEEmily SpadaComment

I mentioned in my post from Friday that I started a Youtube channel with my friend Emily. Over the past year, I've really gotten into watching Youtube videos, especially beauty videos. This is perhaps what has led me to explore makeup a little more (lol i sound like such a loser right now), but for the most part, I'm really drawn to these personalities. My favorite Youtubers are Estee Lalonde, Kathleen Fuentes of KathleenLights, Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene, and Emily of Beauty with Emily Fox.

Yoga with Adriene is the outlier here, but in terms of the beauty videos, I'll most likely never use even half of the products that these Youtubers are featuring, but I like just knowing about them. There's also something strangely relaxing about makeup tutorials. Go figure.

Estee Lalonde

I love Estee. She's easily my favorite Youtuber because her videos are, from a technical perspective, SO well done. Her boyfriend Aslan is a bit of a gear head with cameras and rigs, so he knows how to make the most beautiful video possible and as a person who literally makes videos for a living, I appreciate things like this. The video above is a perfect example of this. I also really like that Estee doesn't pack on the makeup. As I've said before: makeup is something I'm new to because I've pushed it away and rejected it for so long (I was too lazy, cheap, etc to deal with it). Now I happen to like the way I look with mascara on and I like to try out a few new things from time to time. But I have to say: the full face of primerfoundationconcealerpowderhighlighterbronzerblushthisthatwhatever is NOT for me. It's too much for me. Estee keeps it minimal and honestly, her makeup looks are my own makeup goals. 

Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights is one of my other favorites because I really like her honest opinions about products she likes or doesn't like. She uses both drug store and high end products and doesn't discriminate. This is her most recent empties video and I happen to really like empties videos because beauty gurus/youtubers have so many products and use so many, that it's interesting to see what they actually finished entirely (or not). She's also hysterical.

Beauty with Emily Fox

Her name is Emily and she's French Canadian, what else could I ask for? I love all of Emily's lip swatch videos and I feel like we could be friends if we actually knew each other IRL. Emily also keeps it pretty low key with her makeup looks, and I like to think that she tends to highlight different products that other Youtubers don't give as much attention to. 

Yoga with Adriene

I have to admit that I've only actually done a few of Adriene's sessions, but again, I'm drawn to her personality. I love her "Find what feels good" tagline, and that she's not too serious. She keeps it light and not too "hippie dippie" (that's the best way i can figure out how to describe it). I've done yoga at home a few times and Adriene is always my go-to.

Do you have any favorite Youtubers? Who are your favorites?

I Started a Youtube Channel

LIFEEmily SpadaComment

Over the past three years, my friend Emily and I have become very close friends. We decided recently to start a Youtube channel because, quite simply, we love to talk about anything and everything. I've also been looking for a reason to do more video work outside of my day job, and I think this is the thing I've been looking for. Below is our second episode, which we just posted this morning.

Since we're both named Emily, we decided to call it emmysquared, and we've been having a lot of fun with it! The first two episodes are us trying out sheet masks and La Croix sparkling water, but we plan to talk about food, beer, beauty, life, sports, whatever.

It feels so good to have a fun video project to work out, because it lets me be creative in a way that I'm really not used to.

Enjoy, and please subscribe

Expanding the Line


Since moving my sewing equipment/supplies to my apartment in Queens, I've had to reassess some things: where to keep everything so it's out of the way and not encroaching on our living space (I share this space so I have to be fair), and most importantly, new product photos. I played around with some ideas of brand new settings, but I really love my lace background. I feel like it helps to set my product photos apart from the rest of the world. Keeping this also saves me from having to shoot all new photos. Tons of work and I don't even have some of my pieces readily made. This is what I came up with today:

Very similar, except it's on my black kitchen table. I hated the way the black showed through the lace. It was far too distracting. So I grabbed a pillowcase to put underneath it. I'm pretty happy with this, but figuring out how to approach larger pieces is still up in the air. 

Which brings me to my next point: there's some new stuff to show off. This is the new Linea Zipper Pouch. The previous Linea is still available, but that one has the navy color blocking. I decided to see how it would look without the blocking and I have to say, I'm a fan. You can purchase below! :)

Other stuff that's new in the shop:

I just made a new cross-body bag last night that I posted on Instagram, and I included some process photos in my Instagram story. Come follow along!