A Letter to Bloggers

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I fell off the blogging wagon after I came back from Firefly.

But you know, I see this a lot. A blogger has a short hiatus. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it's not. Most of the time it's an accidental hiatus and when the blogger makes her return (using this pronoun because I exclusively read blogs written by women), she apologizes all over the place for it. "Wow, sorry I haven't been here lately. [Insert excuses 1, 2, and 3]."

Dear Blogger,

It's totally okay that you missed a week, or even several weeks of posts. It's okay that you dropped down to updating twice a week instead of your previous four/five times a week (and if that was the case, god bless you). Don't make excuses because, you know, shit happens. Life happens. And frankly, all those things that are your life happening to you, the things that prevent you from blogging? It's not our business.

Don't tell your readers, "I haven't been here because I've been busy." We don't give a shit unless "busy" means, "I went to Fiji for two weeks," or "I started a new job as George Clooney's assistant."  If you went to Fiji or suddenly became Clooney's bff, you best be writing about that.

If you don't have time, or inspiration, don't stress. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and you should only do it when it works for you.

Stay awesome,


Just a note: I wouldn't be caught dead with a frilly pen like that, but the teacup just looked so lovely. Anyway, the photo above is from Unsplash, by Carli Jean Miller.