App Review: Sunrise

SUNRISEFEATURE Wow, I haven't done an app review in a while, huh? Today I'm reviewing Sunrise, a calendar app that for me, has completely replaced Apple's stock calendar app. Sunrise has an iPhone, iPad, and Mac desktop version. It's also available for Android.


I love this app. It's prettier than the stock iCal. Maybe it's just my appreciation for detail, but I love the little icons that appear next to your events based on what they are. See above: on October 6th, I'm going to see Asgeir (Icelandic artist you should definitely check out if you're a fan of Bon Iver) at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. It knows I typed in "concert," so it added a little music note. If I was going on vacation, it would add a palm tree. The word "class" shows a mortar board/grad cap, "interview" shows two talk bubbles (along with the avatars for the other attendees), "home" or "apartment" shows a little house, "birthday" shows a balloon.

You can connect Sunrise to your calendars for Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, LinkedIn, and more. It has a detailed week view, and a month view, which I favor. I like seeing all the little dots on days that I have events or reminders. Also, it has an abbreviated weather forecast for the current day. I think that's a really nice little detail.

I had planned on reviewing this app for a while, but then one of my favorite sites made a kickass video on the best calendar apps, naming Sunrise THE best. The first 1:30 of this video goes into more depth about how great Sunrise is.