tab feature image While I do enjoy extra time with friends at dinner, I don't enjoy trying to figure out the bill. It's always wrong, and I always contribute more money just so we can get the amount correct (one of my roommates in college was a cocktail waitress and her rent money almost exclusively came from her tips, so leaving a good tip is incredibly important to me).


I recently went out to dinner with my college roommate and her sister to a great Turkish restaurant on the Upper East Side called Beyoglu (highly recommend if you live in/you're visiting NY).  I took some quick screenshots when we paid the bill.  Here's how it works:

tab 1

tab 2

  1. STEP ONE.  Take a photo of your receipt.  This works better with receipts that are physically shorter, but there's still an option to manually enter each item on the bill.
  2. STEP TWO.  Once the app analyzes the photo of your receipt, it shows all the items you ordered.  Input each dinner guest at the bottom, and then tap each item that each guest ordered.  In the photo above, you can see my friend is highlighted.  You can also see that we shared one plate, so it takes that into account too.  Also, what's really really great, is if there's a guest who isn't paying (say for a birthday or other special occasion), you can account for what they ordered too. In this case, my roommate picked up the tab for her sister, so it was easily accounted for.
  3. STEP THREE.  After all the items are selected, move to the tax/tip page.  My friends and I are usually splitting the bill on several credit cards, so we've found it easier to set the tip to zero and then write in the tip on our final receipt.  Otherwise the waiter will bill you for your share with the tip included.  But if you're paying with all cash, then setting the tip to your desired percentage works out fine.
  4. STEP FOUR.  Move to the totals page and TA-DA!  Each guest's total is displayed.

Like I said, GAME CHANGER.  I use this every time I go out for dinner with friends and it's so fun to use.  Sometimes it analyzes the receipt incorrectly, but that's when I turn to the manual input function.  I love love love this app.

What are some of your favorite apps?  I'm always looking to try new ones!