Celebrate Brooklyn! Electric Slide Dance Party

I love to dance, so when my best friend and I stumbled upon a dance party right on the water facing the Manhattan skyline, how could I pass up the opportunity? It was an even to kick off Celebrate Brooklyn, a summer-long festival with all kinds of music and arts events. It was kicking off with this Thursday night dance party on one of the piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park. We found it just as the DJ started playing the Electric Slide, and encouraged a mass Electric Slide mob over the course of several songs. It was great.

We started the night by picking up some sushi take out from Mitoushi Sushi (really cheap but still really good), and took it to Brooklyn Bridge Park where we had some spectacular views.


I took the above photo when we left the dance party and started walking to the subway. We had been making our way to her law school's end of the year party at Die Koelner Bierhalle in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn. I highly recommend if you live in/around the area. I don't usually go out during the week, but it's hard to turn down craft beer.