Decorating a New Apartment

We've been in our new apartment about two months and things are coming along. Most of the boxes are unpacked and most of the big furniture purchases are made. Posters and pictures are hung. The bedroom needs some work, and there isn't much to show, so I'm only going to post a few pictures of the living room area. 

I bought a bunch of furniture from Wayfair, Overstock, and Target. Since I was moving from such a small space, we had a lot of work to do on filling up the space. There are still some big empty spaces in here that I'm trying to figure out how to fill. Maybe more plants. Maybe a shoe cabinet, because we all know (do we?) how much I love shoes. 

Of course, I also need to share one of my favorite pieces in the apartment: our new doormat.

Isn't it great?! Kudos if you get the joke. If you don't....then click here.

I'm loving our new apartment. It's spacious, and there's plenty of closet space. It's also in such a great neighborhood. The other night, Rob and I walked into the main business district and went out for a few drinks. We're still super close to Manhattan, but it's so much quieter here. I actually hear crickets when I go to sleep at night. No more loud trucks on Second Ave!

I'm looking forward to when we can actually have some people be continued.