Emily Reads: The Book Thief

Time for a reading update! I finished Markus Zusak's The Book Thief recently and it was very, very good. I've read several books that revolve around World War II and the Holocaust, but what's great about this book is that it offers a very different perspective. 

The book follows the story of Liesel, a foster child taken in by the Hubermanns. It's Nazi Germany and the Hubermann's aren't on board with Hitler's antics. They eventually hide Max Vandenburg, a Jew on the run from the Nazis. The story follows the relationships that form between Liesel and her new parents, the other kids on the block, and Max. 

I think my favorite aspect of this book is the fact that the narrator is Death. Stick with me here. It's morbid, I know, but it's actually very interesting. Zusak has been able to humanize Death. It's fascinating and it's unlike anything I've ever read before:

The human heart is a line, whereas my own is a circle, and I have the endless ability to be in the right place at the right time. The consequence of this is that Iā€™m always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.
— Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

It's a very sad story, as WWII stories are, but it's still satisfying. The narration is so compelling and thought-provoking. Definitely give this book a read, and check out the movie, too. It starts Geoffrey Rush as Hans Hubermann, Liesel's incredibly lovable foster father.

Up next: Gone Girl. What have you been reading lately?