Experimenting with Fabric Paint


Remember when I was whining about being uninspired? So a few weeks ago, I decided that maybe a possible cure for this bullshit would be to just go to a craft store. I took the train back to Long Island on a Friday night and went to Michael's after dinner. I walked around the store aimlessly for half and hour and walked out with nothing. But while I was in there, I found some Martha Stewart stencils, and I had a spark of an idea: what if I bought the stencils and some fabric paint and made some interesting custom stuff on plain canvas?

But then that little self-doubt demon was like, "Why even bother? You're gonna get stuck with everything and you'll never sell it and it'll be a waste." So I turned around and went home.

The next day at the farmers market, I kept thinking about it. And thinking about it. I was hellbent on those damn stencils. And then this dawned on me:

Sometimes you have to just say, "Fuck it."

So as soon as I got home from the farmers market, I got in the car and went back to Michael's. I bought some design stencils, as pictured above, but I also bought a few letter packs to eventually make custom pieces. I'm still experimenting, but I think these will all have to be one of a kind pieces. It'll be hard to reproduce these.


So yeah, I guess I have to say thank you to Martha Stewart. Anyone want a custom word zipper pouch? I'll put whatever you want on it. Let's get creative.