Firefly Music Festival 2014

firefly-music-festival-2014 Where do I even begin?  I inserted the above graphic, hit enter twice and then lost any sense of how I would start this post.  I went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, and it was unforgettable.  Irreplaceable.  Magnificent.  I would do it a few months, only because it's also an exhausting experience.

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So much music in four days.  I saw bands/artists I never thought I would have the chance to ever see.  I saw bands I wouldn't normally go out of my way to see.  I saw bands I had never heard about until that day.  To name a few:  Third Eye Blind (this one was special for me), Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Jack Johnson, Outkast (lost my mind when they played Hey Ya!), Phantogram, Chance the Rapper, tUnE-yArDs (yes, stylized that way), Martin Garrix, Pretty Lights, Sleigh Bells, Portugal the Man, Local Natives, Phosphorescent.

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We had some interesting neighbors at our campsite.  The people with the "Our First Firefly"  blanket were from San Antonio and were soliciting people to sign a little message.  We never had the chance to sign it ourselves, however.  They slept in the car every night and "showered" with water bottles and a loofa. The people with the palm tree adorning their site really liked alcohol.  So much so that they were drinking Fireball straight from the bottle in the sunny, 80-degree heat.  They were delightfully stupid, and listening to their (loud) conversations provided us with entertainment we didn't anticipate (ex: "You're like...really like...nice.")

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Our campsite was a mile away from the actual festival grounds, so we had to plan carefully for what music we would see each day.  Needless to say, I don't feel so guilty about missing the gym because I was walking at most as four miles in a day.

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A lot of people came in groups, and it's hard to find your friends in a mass crowd of nearly 80,000 people.  As a result, several "celebrities" made appearances.  Pictured above: Morgan Freeman.  Also: John Stamos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Crazy Eyes/Uzo Aduba, Steve Urkel/Jaleel White.  There were also inflatable pool toys, and plastic heads on sticks.  Don't believe me?  Search #ispyleoatfirefly on Instagram.

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Of course a music festival comes with its fair share of drugs, especially if people are camping.  And it's something I was worried about going into the experience.  But I have to say that never at any point did I ever feel unsafe.  Our encounters with drugs and people on them were often plain comical.  One night, a guy very clearly on acid came over to our campsite carrying a full roll of paper towels and told us that "I'm not fuckin with you.......grass is real."  I offered him some soup, but he just mumbled something and ran away.   We never saw him again.

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Look at Tom and I having so much fun :)  This was on Sunday night when we sat down for Jack Johnson.  It was a really fantastic show and I'm so happy it was how we ended our weekend.  Every performance we saw was top notch, and it seemed like all the performers were having as much fun as we were.

The weather was great, and the music was even better.  Even though the port-a-potties were the stuff of nightmares, I would absolutely go again next year.  I guess I better start saving...

If you want to see more pictures, stop by my Instagram!  There are some videos too!  Any questions about Firefly? Leave them in the comments!

Here's the official Firefly 2014 playlist: