Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset My history with blogging is a turbulent one.  It kind of looks like this:


(Free) Wordpress  >  Tumblr  >  Blogger  >  Self-Hosted (Virb) > Self Hosted (Wordpress)


So I've moved around a lot, because I could never seem to find something that was satisfying.  And then I decided that none of it was satisfying at all, so I just stopped because I had no a) time, and b) ideas.  I felt that posting several times a week was too much work that I wasn't willing to do.  So every once in a while when I actually did have an idea, I would throw up a post and then several people would see it and whatever.  I was having feelings like,


If no one's reading then why am I doing this?


But that's not really the point of blogging though, is it?  Sure, if I was looking to build a gigantic base of "followers," "readers," and then if I wanted to start charging fellow indie bloggers to guest post and advertise on on my site, then this would have been a problem for me.

But that wasn't the real reason I started blogging.  The real reason?  I started to try to promote my Etsy shop, and then after a while I was like,


hmmmmm....I kinda dig this blogging thing.


I was never a writer, and I had some choice feelings about English class because I was never able to write in my own vernacular.  I always had to write in a style that felt really stiff and forced for me.  A style that was trying to sound eloquent.  So when I started blogging and just writing as if I was actually speaking it to another person, it was a game changer.  But then I started having all these feelings like,


I have to post on the blog.  This would be good to post on the blog.  People want to see a, b, c.  Maybe this will get me more followers.  Shit, I don't have time to post this week.


And that was when it became a chore, just like English class.  It wasn't fun anymore because I felt like I wasn't being true to who I was, and what I was actually into.

So I revamped everything and wrote this post.  But the truth is, I miss blogging.


I miss writing, I miss getting an email notification about the occasional comment.  And I feel like I can keep up a consistent blog if I approach it from the position of:


Well, I'm just going to write about and share the things I like.  Things that I would share with other people, in person.


I'm excited to have an excuse to take more photos.  So here's to new beginnings, and a new journey.  Hopefully you'll decide to come along with me.


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