I'm Not a Goal Setter

I'm not a goal-setter, but I have some big ideas. I wrote that whiny post last week about being unmotivated and blah blah blah. After I wrote that, I sat down and toyed around with new logo ideas. I have a pretty solid idea now, and since then, the wheels have been turning. I'm getting somewhere. I really like the direction I took with my new product photos. In the past, I've done a lot of comparing myself to my peers. I've tried to do what others are doing, I've tried to make my  blog look like everyone else's because I knew that's what was popular. I still do this to an extent, but now I've finally woken up and realized that everything about this personal "brand" I'm building should represent ME, and what I like, and who I am as a person. IMG_0137 copy

You saw this photo in last week's post (and my newsletter subscribers saw it in last week's email get on that if you haven't!). I pretty much love the way it came out. I had actually gone out to Staples and bought a white board to use as a background for my new stuff, and eventually old stuff. I took a few pictures and threw an internal tantrum because I hated the way they came out. Then I was like, fuck it. I'm gonna photograph these pieces on my damn dresser. And this photo is what happened.

So this leads me to what I want to achieve with this little business of mine. I've been thinking a lot about what my ultimate goal is, and I finally figured it out. I want to build a community with this blog, with my business. I want to have a community of people that come to me when they need a gift. They recommend me to their friends. They appreciate the effort that goes into my work and they recognize what's special about buying from indie designers/makers like me (did I just refer to myself as a designer?).

I do still want to make a bunch of new stuff. I want to re-skin this site and eventually have a standalone shop here, separate from my Etsy. I've even been toying with the idea of moving over to Squarespace because of their built-in e-commerce features. I also really, really want to get into a few more gift shops around the country. This is all a long way off, because first I need to design, make, photograph, and list all this new stuff.

Now when am I going to do that?