I've Fallen in Love with Hockey and Here's Why

What have I been doing the past few months? I've been watching a lot of hockey. 

I've been watching hockey for a while, but since Rob and I went to Montreal in March, I've fallen absolutely in love with the Montreal Canadiens. We went to a game and the Canadiens (aka the Habs), and it was a great game. They won in overtime and they had a really cool opening presentation that wasn't the least bit corny.

And they're doing exceptionally well this season. They're in first place in their division and they started their season with nine straight wins, their best in the team's history (founded in 1909). Coincidentally, one of my coworkers is a huge Canadiens fan, so I ended up joining a group on Meetup.com for Habs fans in NYC. They arrange meetups at bars around NYC so fans and Canadian ex-pats can watch their favorite team! I've even joined a fantasy hockey league with some of the Meetup people.

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The Islanders are my secondary team because they're my boyfriend's team. The photo above is from when I went to a game with my dad, who has just recently dipped his toes into hockey fandom.

Habs win! #gohabsgo🔵⚪️🔴 Thanks for having us @pluguglies! #NYC #VSCOcam #gramercy #canadiens

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So here's why I love it so much:

  • It's exciting to watch! It's fast-paced and very physical, which leads me to:
  • Lots of fighting! Hockey is notorious for all out brawls right on the ice and for some reason I really love it lolololol what's wrong with me.
  • It takes a superhuman amount of athleticism. You have to skate on ice and you have to skate fast, and you're getting slammed into the boards by your opponent and you have to dribble the puck and then you have to shoot the puck at a goalie that has the craziest reflexes you've ever seen, and it's all just crazy.
  • It gives me a chance to ~bondwith my boyfriend. Rob loves hockey too, and he teaches me so much. Relaxing together with a couple beers in front of a hockey game on TV has become a happy place. The photo below is from Friday night. We saw a Habs/Isles game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Rob was pouty about a Habs victory :D Mwahahahahaha!

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I'm at a hockey game in Canada. #Canadiens #VSCOcam #MTL

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The photo from the night that started it all.

Go Habs Go!