Keeping Me Company: Podcasts

burrito "Enjoy your burrito, everyone!" is how Nerdist founder, Chris Hardwick, ends every episode of the Nerdist Podcast.  Sometimes, if a guest is particularly epic, he'll ask the guest to sign off (Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Bridges to name a few).  The phrase came out of a conversation with Rainn Wilson about living in the present.  Enjoy the current moment.  That burrito you're eating? Enjoy that burrito!

I've always been the observational type.  When I'm in a certain mood, I love to listen to people talk and converse.  I've been known to contribute nothing to a conversation because I'd rather just sit and watch the conversation unfold in front of me.  I think that's why I like podcasts so much: I like listening to people talk.  So when you throw in a few nerds and a big time celebrity, it gets really interesting.  With Nerdist, as well as my other favorite podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, it's just people and microphones.  Unlike many other media outlets, Chris, his co-hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, and Marc Maron on his own podcast, don't ask stupid questions.  They ask thoughtful questions that lead to meaningful discussion.  Marc Maron likes to start from the beginning with a guest, and learn all about where they're from and how they made it to where they are.  To me, it's so interesting.  You don't learn much about a public figure when they sit for three minutes on The Tonight Show, but you learn a lot when you have the person for an hour and a half.

Here are links to listen to a couple of episodes that stood out to me.  The first is Anthony Bourdain on Nerdist.  As if I didn't think he was cool enough, now he just makes me melt.  The second is Lena Dunham on WTF with Marc Maron.  Despite what you might think about Girls, Lena Dunham is a game changer for young women everywhere.  We need more famous women like her.

Dear Chris, Jonah, Matt, Marc: thanks for being a new group of friends.  Thanks for making me laugh.  Thanks for keeping me company.

**And for those who are of the creative entrepreneurial persuasion, I strongly recommend listening to The Fresh Rag Show, by my dear friend, Dave Conrey.  Dave is a coach for creative small businesses and he does a weekly podcast where he brings on guests who are killing it in the space.  If you're looking to take that creative business of yours "to the next level" as Dave would say, definitely listen in to this one.  I couldn't write a post about podcasts without mentioning Dave!