Listening Lately: Alabama Shakes

Allow me to tell you about one of my favorite bands: Alabama Shakes. I originally read about them in Rolling Stone (back when I still read Rolling Stone). They're a blues/rock/soul band from Athens, Alabama and their music feeds my soul. Brittany Howard, their lead singer and guitarist is a badass and a goddess and a beast and I would love to see them perform live because I love their music so much. 

They recently came out with their second full length album, Sound & Color. It's very different from their debut, Boys & Girls (which I can't seem to get enough of), but it still maintains the integrity of their unique sound. I'm a sucker for the blues, so Alabama Shakes are right up my alley. 

Favorite tracks: 

Boys & Girls: Definitely "Hang Loose" and "Heartbreaker." I love the whole first half of the album. It's hard to choose.

Sound & Color: "Sound & Color," "Don't Wanna Fight," "Future People," and absolutely absolutely hands down "Gimme All Your Love."

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