Listening Lately: Lots of Stuff

Maybe I've mentioned this before, but Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists have absolutely changed my music-listening life. If you're not familiar: Spotify creates a new playlist of 30 songs every Monday, that's tailored to your music interests. It pulls in songs from artists similar to the artists you listen to, as well as what other people who also listen to what you're listening to listen to. 

That doesn't make any sense. I'll try that again. I listen to Real Estate, so Spotify will look at Real Estate's other fans and see what they're listening to. Here are some of the artists I found on my Discover Weekly playlists:

Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith is the artist above. Her album Half About Being A Woman is in my regular rotation now. 

It's one of those albums where every song is good. I highly recommend listening closely to "Buy Me Something." It's hysterical.


Another album I listen to several times a week. I like that this band is similar to Real Estate, but they're a bit more electronic-y.

But there have been some other artists that I've learned about or I've known all along but just never listened to. 

Big Grams

Big Grams is a collab between Big Boi (known as one half of Outkast) and Phantogram, who, earlier this year, I saw perform one of the best live shows I've ever seen. They just released a self-titled EP that features Run the Jewels and Skrillex.

Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels has been described as "hardcore hip hop," and how right that is. It's so vulgar, but so political and so good. They just released a "cat album," which is a remix album including lots of cat sounds..."Meow the Jewels."

I love sharing music! And I love Discover Weekly. If you use Discover Weekly, has it been accurate in sticking with your tastes? Have you found any new lifelong musical loves?