Listening Lately: Phantogram

Over the years that I've been on Twitter, it's come in handy many times. I've had sales/connected to customers through it, I've made life-long friends through it, and I've maintained friendships through it. Several months ago, I saw one of my friends from college tweet about a Phantogram concert. I had seen Phantogram when I went to Firefly Music Festival, but I was distracted by what else? Food. I wandered off to one of the food stands to grab something to eat, so I didn't really catch their set at all. I mostly got into their music after the festival when I decided to dig a little deeper. It turned out that the concert was at The Paramount right in Huntington, NY, about forty minutes from my parents' house on Long Island. I'm there every weekend, so I knew going to this show would be super convenient.

The show was exceptional. It's not that I had low hopes, but it was definitely better than I thought it would be. It exceeded expectations. Firstly, they sounded incredible, and they're great performers. They also had an accompanying light show that was a performance all in itself. Usually when I've gone to this venue in the past, I've had general admission  tickets and just stood on the floor. But my friend and I decided to buy tickets for seats on an upper level in front of the sound booth, and I have to say, we likely had a completely different experience than the people on the floor. We were really able to see the full extent of the light show.

The photo above is from one of the coolest parts of the concert. Whenever the song would reach the chorus, these yellow lights beamed down on Sarah Barthel, the (mostly) lead singer. She was wearing a coat of small mirrors, and when the lights hit the coat, she turned into a literal human disco ball. It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen at a concert.

I've included their album Voices for your listening pleasure. This is the album I listen to all the time.

Favorite tracks:

  • Nothing But Trouble
  • Black Out Days
  • Fall in Love
  • Howlin at the Moon
  • When I'm Small