Listening Lately: Vol 2

listeningLately I kind of enjoyed my last Listening Lately post. I think in the future these posts will serve as a sort of musical time capsule. Anyway. This month, we have indie electronica! What a junkie I am for indie electronica. It all started with Spotify's Evening Chill playlist. From there I found the three artists highlighted in this post.



Favorite tracks: definitely the back half of this album. Fuck Em Only We Know,  Drowning, Warm Water, and Under the Table. I've had this one on RE.PEAT. lately.



If you're a Lorde fan, you'll definitely like this group. I'm not as intimately acquainted with this album yet as I am with the other two highlighted here, but Bridges is definitely a favorite.

FKA twigs


Definitely weirder than the other two albums here. It's weird. Many of you won't like it. BUT I DO. Favorite tracks: Two Weeks, Pendulum.

And below are the Spotify playlists I've been frequenting so much!