Living My Own Life

IMG_0004_R Here's the deal with my move to the city: my commute was horrible. I had major FOMO about not being able to do stuff during the week with my city friends. I felt like moving back to New York City was something I had to do. Why should I waste my youth on the Long Island Railroad?

But the thing is, I still really like Long Island. It's home, and it always will be. I'm not sick of it yet, and truth be told, I'd rather have the best of both worlds. I'm spending weekends on Long Island because my mom and I do the farmers market every Saturday. Week/work days are in the city. Why am I saying this? Because since I moved, I've gotten a lot of, "Why are you spending weekends on Long Island?" A lot of questioning looks that say, "You're making a mistake."

Let me be clear: I chose this arrangement. I like this arrangement. I enjoy doing the farmers market every weekend. I like slowing down at home on Long Island. I like being able to see family and the friends I do have left on the Island. I don't mean to get negative, but I'm getting a little frustrated with people thinking they know what I want, or how I should be living my life.

I've made some big changes lately, and I've taken some very big, very scary leaps. Give me some credit.