Mugs on Etsy

mugsonetsy Hello hello!  I am again writing this in the past to post in the future!  By now I should be home and recovering from Firefly Music Festival.

Last month I guest posted about some of my favorite Etsy ring finds over at East &., formerly Back East Blonde.   This month, I'm sharing some great mugs that I've found in my Etsy travels.


  1. Red Scallop Ceramic Set by Ross Lab.  I think what's attracting me here is the scallop design on the lip of the cup.  To me, it resembles waves and we all know how much I love the waves.
  2. Geometric Patterned Mug by Elizabeth Benotti.  Triangles.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes they're a bit much.  Over here, they're just right.  I love the hand-drawn design.  I follow Elizabeth on Facebook and I love all of her designs.
  3. Gold Polka Dot Cup by Silver Lining CeramicsGold polka dots on a MUG.  Bold but still weirdly understated.
  4. Octopus Creature Cup by Creature Cups.  If you've spent enough time on Etsy, you've more than likely seen Creature Cups somewhere because they're just SO. COOL.

Which is your favorite mug?  And what are some of your favorite Etsy listings of late?

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