New Designs!

new stuff I wrote a post last week about the new photo stage I made to re-shoot all of my product photos for my Etsy shop and my upcoming "solo store."  Well, I thought it was time I introduced some new pieces I made in the past few months that I've stashed away for...when I actually have the chance to list them.  HA.


Wristlet with these interesting wavy things!


Wristlet with this cute owl pattern I had left over after a custom piece!


Owl clutch!  This one came out really long...oops.  So kudos to whoever decides to buy this massive clutch.


Another burlap clutch made with this super-special cotton-y burlap my aunt gave me.

iPad Mini sleeves!  More to come...





So yes...if you're interested in any of these pieces leave comment and we'll sort something out.  Like I said, I'm trying to get these up in my shop soon, but they're available now if anyone wants them bad enough.  I also take custom orders, so hit me up if you have any ideas!