Am I a Morning Person Now?

Look! That's me doing yoga on a cliff! 

LOLOLOL just kidding. That would be excessive and self-righteous. However, I have started trying my best to get in the habit of working out in the morning before work. This was something I was doing from time to time at my previous gym, but I'd find that my alarm would go off in the morning and I'd end up hitting snooze until I just changed my alarm to my regular wake up time. This was mostly because nothing was truly motivating me to get to the gym. My previous gym, which I won't name, doesn't have any morning classes that work with my schedule, so I was going to do my own thing. Not motivating at all. I'd find myself at the gym at 7am wandering aimlessly like, "Wtf am I doing here?"

My new gym, Equinox, has more locations that are convenient for me, and a better class schedule. I've gone to spin at 6:30 in the morning and I'm still wondering what's wrong with me. But there's a method to my madness...hear me out:

  • Working out in the morning is a nice way to start the day. Refreshed, energized, all those cliches that are really just so so true.
  • I hate working out after work because I get home so late. My commute back to my neighborhood is a good 35-40 minutes, so the earliest class I could take would be a 7 or 7:15. Figure it's a 45-minute class, that lets me out as late as 8pm. It's the same if I take a class near work. Class 6:15-7, commute home until 7:30. Then I have to go home and cook and I find myself having dinner at 9pm. Not good.
  • I want to be social after work. I don't want to feel guilty about skipping the gym because someone decided to make last minute plans after work, and I don't want to deliberately miss out on hanging with friends because I don't want to miss a workout. 

The morning is my only option. So far it's been working because I've found that classes hold me accountable. If I book a bike for a 6:30 spin class, I HAVE to go, or I face cancellation/no show consequences, etc. We'll see how long all of this lasts, but I sure hope it's a new leaf that has been fully turned over.