Plans for 2017

I mentioned in my last post that my experience at Renegade Craft Fair left me freshly motivated and inspired to take my business seriously next year. I really want to find some other artisan markets in NYC so I can get the word out there about my business.

However, I think the real focus for me in the upcoming year will be on wholesale. I currently stock my work in Wholly Craft! in Columbus, OH, and I also have a relationship with Lauren at The Burlap Bag in Austin, TX. I really want to restock both of those shops with a good selection of stuff, but my main goal is to get into more shops, especially in the NYC area.

Over the past few days, the wheels have really been turning. I've been researching sellers online where I can get the various hardware pieces I need for purses in bulk for a better price, since I plan to start producing larger quantities. 

Another goal of mine is to increase the number of subscribers on my newsletter list. I've been so BAD at sending out newsletters, mostly because nothing was going on, so I had nothing to say. But every time I do send one out, I always get the most positive reactions from people. People actually email me back telling me how happy they were to see my newsletter pop up in their inbox. Food for thought...

Right now this "business" is more of a hobby, but my intention this year is to remove those quotes and transform it from hobby to real, thriving business. It's all about building exposure and maybe even getting a few sales from my site!