I Need to Make Something

A while back, I made a yoga mat bag when I bought a new mat. I followed a pattern I found on Pinterest, but I still needed to nail the technique. Unfortunately, I dropped the project and didn't come back to it until this weekend. 

I was getting restless with myself, and my business. You might notice that emily-makes.com is now also emilymakes.co. I hated that damn hyphen, so I got rid of it. emily-makes.com still works, but is no longer the primary. This was just a part of trying to get myself back into the swing of creating. I was having ideas for new pieces and this weekend had to be the time to execute them.

I still have some ideas for other new collections, but I'm not ready to show those off yet. However, I am ready to show off my yoga mat bags! So far I only have two listed, but trust me, more will be coming in the next several weeks. I just applied for entry into two local Spring festivals, so I'm hoping these mat bags will catch on.

I have plans for more mat bag designs, as well as some smaller zipper purses (mentioned above, still a WIP). What do you think of the yoga mat bags? I'm trying to decide if I want to make a bunch and shop them around to some yoga studios around my parents' house. 

Anyway, the link to the listing is below if you're interested in purchasing one!