Seche Vite Changed My Life

secondseche Yes, friends. Seche Vite changed my life. I pretty much have no reason to ever go for a manicure ever again (except for some professional-grade cuticle care).  I'm not one to usually write about beauty-related things because I never wear makeup, or moisturize or any of that other stuff that most normal women do.  HOWEVER.  I do paint my nails.  It's all about the nails.  It always has been.

Anyway.  A few coworkers had told me about this top notch top coat several weeks ago.  They told me it was the best top coat ever, that it dries suuuuuper super fast, and it leaves a finish that's not too far off from a gel manicure.  I made a mental note of it, but never sought it out.  THEN.  One night I happened to be in CVS and thought I'd take a gander at the nail polish section.  And there it was.  I bought a bottle (goes for $4.74 on Amazon), a bottle of Essie's Fiji, and went to town.

One of my major problems with doing my own nails is that I often only have time to do them at night.  Then it takes forever for them to dry and when I wake up in the morning, I have what my mom and I call "bed nails," where I can see an imprint of my sheets in my polish job.  It's infuriating, because then I have to walk around with ratchet-looking nails.  But Seche Vite dries in about two minutes flat, and it leaves a beautiful, smooth, hard finish that's resistant to those pesky indentations.

Here's a little collage I put together of some of my home manicures I've done since being enlightened. All colors featured below are by Essie:


I couldn't be happier about this tip/discovery from my friends.  I've just saved myself a shit ton of money because now I won't have to go for a manicure every week that'll chip after two days anyway.  Because that's the other thing: IT DOESN'T CHIP.  Well, that's not completely true.  It chips, but it's much more resistant  to chipping than any other top coat I've had experience with.  I can go about four days without any major, mani-destroying chips.

SO.  Tell me: will you try Seche Vite?  Also, comment with some of your favorite nail polish colors!  I'm always looking for some good new ones :)


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