The Islip Earth Day Festival

With the new Spring season also comes craft fair/festival season. Last summer I swore myself off festivals like these because I wasn't doing well at all. I hardly made my table back at most shows I was doing and it was really the worst. But a couple of weeks ago on April 25th, I set up shop for the day at the Islip Earth Day Festival in Sayville, NY. Here's why I signed up to sell that day: a) it was a five minute drive away from home and b) the table fee was $40. I figured what the hell. If I don't make my table, at least I lost only $40. 

It started as a really slow day, as usual. But eventually it picked up and I walked away from the experience not hating myself like I usually do after festivals. While I didn't make a huge profit, I did sell some really great pieces to people who were very happy with their purchases. This is what I've learned about my clientele. My sales come few and far between, but when they do come, they're usually to customers who really love and appreciate my work. They don't question the price. They like it, so they buy it.

So overall, it was a good experience. Not great. Just good. I was next to a family selling South American pan flutes and CDs, so having to listen to their demo music all day sent me into pan flute hell. It was also a little chilly. My next show isn't until October when my mom and I do the Islip Apple Festival (which went very well last year). Until then, for all you Long Islanders, I'm going to be at the Sayville Farmers Market every Saturday!


I am an idiot and in my first draft of this post totally forgot to mention that my friend and fellow blogger Ralph stopped by to say hello (and bought one of my zebra cluthes)! Ralph and I met on Twitter through our friend Ashley and it was so good to meet him in person. Read his blog about his visit!