Trends that Really Annoyed Me

fads So I'm writing this post on Monday. Yes, Labor Day. "Emily, why are you sitting inside blogging on Labor Day?" Oh, because I might have sprained my ankle at the gym trying to do HIIT cardio on the aerobic step. Yeah. That's what I get for TRYING TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. So anyway, I'm laid up on the couch so wtf else am I supposed to do?

This is a post about fads that have annoyed the shit out of me. Some have since passed, like Crocs and sequin belts. Some are still around unfortunately, like nylon Longchamp bags and Uggs. Begin rant, clockwise from top left:

  1. Sequin belts. Did this trend make it to your part of the world, circa 2005? This stretchy sequin belt was paired with an extra-long tshirt or tank top. It was silly.
  2. Longchamp totes. Still in the height of their fad-dom. The large version of this tote goes for $150 at Nordstrom. Okay, so let me get this straight: you're going to pay a buck fifty for a nylon bag? Really? Let me make that for you for a quarter of the price.
  3. Crocs. My mom bought a pair of these recently because she's on her feet a lot with all the baking she needs to do for H&P. So she gets a pass. Doctors, nurses, chefs, people with various feet issues, get a pass. But everyone else who was wearing these because they were once "in" GET NO PASSES. Like these are some of the ugliest contraptions I've ever seen in my life.
  4. Uggs. NO PASSES FOR ANYONE HERE. Again, why are you going to spend $150 on slippers? Why? My friends say, "Oh but Emily they're sooooo comfortable." Okay yeah I don't give a shit. They're slippers and they shouldn't leave the house and they shouldn't set you back more than $30. Let me tell you something: According to my Australian coworker, in Australia, where these god awful monstrosities come from, when you leave the house wearing Uggs, it's the equivalent of having a tramp stamp.

Also on my list of annoying fads: silly bandz.

End rant.