Using Workout Labs

Sooooooooooo....let's say I had fallen off the workout wagon. I was being so good over the summer, going to the gym and whatnot. But then in late August I twisted my the gym, so I let my membership (it was month-to-month) run out until I recovered. For a while it still hurt to run, and I usually end workouts with some time on the treadmill.

And then I moved in October and my gym and money situations were thrown into question. I didn't know when I'd have enough money to afford a gym that I knew I would go to/was worth paying for. So I just didn't work out for months. In February, I got a promotion at work and decided that I should start using the gym in my office building because it's in a word, GREAT. I mean, they do my laundry. They will wash my smelly gym clothes (in a mesh bag so don't worry, no one's touching them). 

As I scoured Pinterest over the past year or so, I've discovered WorkoutLabs. It's a great site with free downloadable PDF workouts based on what kind of equipment you have available (gym? no gym?) and what part of the body you want to work (abs? arms? legs?). Some of it is paid, and some is free. Lately I've been using one of their programs for abs. For me, these programs are super helpful because I never know what exercises to do, and how many reps/sets of each. If you're starved for workout ideas, I strongly recommend WorkoutLabs! Below is my fitness board on Pinterest: