What makes you click follow?

follow I have a question for you today: what makes you click that FOLLOW button?

Since I recently got back into blogging, I've also followed a lot of new blogs. In doing so, I've often wondered what motivates someone to follow a certain blog? What's the magic combination of blogger traits that bring someone to click that follow button? And I've also wondered this every time I get a notification that someone has followed my blog, the (so far) six times it's happened.  Here are the main things that I, personally, look for in a blogger:

  1. Female.  Duh.
  2. Usually mid-20s to early 30s.  Also duh.
  3. Preferably unmarried, but I've been known to follow some bloggers who are married.  I am unmarried myself and I really can't relate to the whole marriage in your early twenties thing, but I don't see it as a blog-following dealbreaker.
  4. Childless.  Sorry, I'm just more Carrie Bradshaw than the Duggar family.  Go ahead and feel bad for me and my tar-black soul.

There's a lot more to it.  I appreciate when a blogger has great photography, a well-designed site that isn't too cluttered, and a unique tone of voice.  I'm a fan of snark, so I guess I look for my snarky kindred spirits.  I like when a blogger isn't squeaky clean.  Maybe it's just my Long Island roots, but I love when a blogger uses profanities.  LET'S NOT PRETEND WE DON'T ALL DO IT IN REAL LIFE, PEOPLE.

Anyway, here are some blogs I've been reading lately:

  • Two Thirds Hazel.  Erin lives in New York City (but might be moving soon).  She has great photos and I love her voice (see above about snark).
  • Back East Blonde.  Another instance of loving the blogger's voice.  Nadine also has a whole page on her site with posts that contain really great blogging resources and tools.
  • Star-Crossed Smile.  I've been following Nnenna for a few years now.  She writes a great beauty/style/lifestyle blog and is a BEAST at Pinterest.
  • Queenie and the Dew.  Another blogger I've been following for a while.  Sally is English, so I love seeing her photos of London and the English countryside.  She's also not afraid to be honest and admit that she gets drunk.

So now tell me...what makes you follow?