Where We Started


I should be packing up my apartment right now, but instead I'm sitting here blogging because as you can see, I've found my spark again. After reading Sophie's #WhereWeStarted post, I knew I had to write my own. I can't say this post is timed with any specific anniversary, but I'm probably pretty close to one because my super-small business began when I was 12 years old on the beaches of Long Island. 

I learned how to make jewelry, specifically anklets, and began selling on the beach by the encouragement of my family. Before I knew it, I had a successful summer job that was unlike any summer job any of my peers would ever have: I made more money, worked fewer hours, and had a better tan. I eventually started doing craft shows here and there, selling some more intricate, delicate pieces in addition to my anklets.

I had my online start on the now-defunct 1000markets.com, a smaller Etsy competitor. Not long after I joined, it was purchased by another ecommerce site, one that sold not just handmade, but anything under the sun. A lot of makers chose to stay because why not, but many chose to leave because it didn't have that emphasis and support for handmade. 

And this is what inspired me to finally join Etsy. Behold, the product photos from my first two Etsy sales:

Gross. I mean...the jewelry's okay. I especially really liked that teardrop necklace. Needless to say, my product photography has greatly improved. It's something I routinely obsess over whenever I shoot something new. I eventually started using a tile leftover from a bathroom renovation in my parents' house and everything took off from there. 

I like to think that I've found my groove with the product photography on my purses. My dresser has served for a great backdrop, with all my art and shells.

Speaking of...it's anklet season! Below are just a couple that I offer, but you can go here to see all of them! I take custom orders too.

Black Coconut Wood Beads and Strawberry Conch Anklet
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Anklet: Cream with Curly Shells and Black Accents
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