Who are your heroes?

heroes I  think the idea for this post came to me when I was on the train home one night.  I couldn't tell you what about the train makes me think about heroes or heroic things.  It was just one of those ideas that dawned on me.

Maybe I was thinking about how I don't really have any heroes.  There are people I admire, there are people I look up to, but I don't think I'd ever be able to label someone as a hero.

I of course admire my parents for their strength, and for raising me to work hard and be nice to people.  Some people quickly off the top of my head: I admire Ann Curry for her grace and her fearlessness in journalism.  Jerry Seinfeld because I think his humor and his material is so smart.  He notices our society's little idiosyncrasies that many aren't sharp enough to see.  And Hillary Clinton because she's just such a badass...let's be honest here.  Weird combination, I know.

Who do you admire?  And why?

Photo by Greg Shield via Unsplash.